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A very simple dubstep visualizer

I'm listening to dubstep sometime, it's really good genere to listen while doing some routines. about two years ago i owned domain and created a fake radio to play top dubstep songs in loop.

Fake radio? i've created a simple server script that scan and schedule directory of mp3 songs. and repeats the playlist in browser forever. but player state synced with an initial timestamp. so you hear same song in same state on all devices!

Today recieved an update:

  • Dropped fake-radio and uses a real radio station
  • Black theme
  • Simple circular visualizer March 2020 update

For next update i'm planning to turn it to a very cool audio visualizer.

Next update TODO:

  • Multiple visulizers
  • Full-screen mode
  • Color scheme
  • Visualize local audio files
  • Radio station selector
  • Save and share customizations
  • SSL

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