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Thank you for this! I am new to C++ and to this entire field itself, and I found your perspective to be very useful in terms of grounding my love and appreciation for this language. As an aside, I've heard through the grapevine that the ecosystem surrounding C++ is on the mend and its popularity on the rise. It's hard not to be excited!


I agree! I still plan to get my head around C++17 first, but C++20 does propose at least part of the way forward here.

I really like looking into all the new cute hipster languages with new cool features, and I've seen some new industry trends that might buck long-held standards, but I have never yet seen anything that could possibly replace C++.


Heyy, that's good for me, then! C++ is close enough to the hardware and far enough from it at the same time that it's really in an ideal position to be irreplaceable I think, barring a total revolution in computing altogether. Here's to a long life for our friend!

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