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Digital Citizenship Pillers

A digital citizen refers to a person utilizing information technology (IT) in order to engage in society, politics, and government.

Any successful Digital Citizenship and Engagement initiative should focus on these FIVE pillers:

  1. EMPOWER CITIZENS IN THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS - Provide visibility and transparency and empower citizens in the decision-making process on key local governments priorities. Not will it only make citizens feel involved but trusted, leading to a positive partnership.

  2. DESIGN EASY-TO-USE PLATFORMS FOR INNOVATION AND ENGAGEMENT - Digital Interaction between local authorities and citizens must be intuitive. Platforms must be designed to enable more agile and responsive ways, with a greater understanding of citizens' wants and needs.

  3. DEVELOP A COMPREHENSIVE COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY - Communication is key and for it to truly work, authorities must create a comprehensive and targeted communications strategy, making use of all available platform like website, email, social media, advertisements & door visits.

  4. GAMIFY AND PROVIDE INCENTIVES - A recognition and rewards will go along way. A program based on giving tangible gifts such as discount on service like council tax, is a great starting point. Also, employees should be rewarded for driving adoption of any initiative.

  5. ALLOCATE SUFFICIENT RESOURCES AND SUCCESS METRICS - Any initiative must have a set of identifiable goals, objectives and measurements, to help track citizen engagement, monitor changes and allocate proper resources.

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