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A OS Cleaner for Debian Based Linux distributions !

I have written a python script that will show and delete the unnecessary caches and files from a operating system (debian based ).

This sript will clear the :

  • packages that are no longer required
  • Clean up APT cache
  • systemd journal logs (more than 7 days)
  • Clean the thumbnail cache

Most of the time these files takes a lot of storage !
and using a bunch of commands to remove them are quit boring .
So i have gathered the commands and added them in a python script.
Here is my git repo have a look

Usages :

  • Clone repo :git clone

  • Chnage directory : cd Cleaner

  • Check the caches : sudo python -s

  • Clear the caches : sudo python -c

feel free to suggest any option or command to add or report any error in the script .

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