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Very Beginner Level Version Controlling With Git

Basic commands

  • init repository : git init
  • add a file : git add filename
  • add all files : git add .
  • commit : git commit -m "commit message"
  • check status which files you have added/deleted/modified : git status
  • push code : git push origin branch_name

Full Examples

Create a new repository

  • Create a repository : Create an empty repository in github

Then open git bash/terminal in your local pc

  • init project : git init (initializing our repository)

For example, let's add something into our repo. Let's add a file named You can create a file using your GUI(Graphical User Interface). In FileManager, right click on mouse and file or folder creation options will be popped up. Or you can use your shell/bash terminal to create the file.

As i'm a linux user and taking flex in front of you, I will create the file using my oh-my-zsh(a bash terminal).

  • create a file in bash : touch (this will create a empty file named in the directory you are in now, you can check current directory using pwd in terminal). You can add some content in it.

Now we have created a file and we want to add it into our repository. It does exist in our local pc not in github server yet[check if you don't believe me :)].
To upload it we need to follow some stuffs -> ['add','commit','push'].Let's do it.

  • Add the file in git : git add

If you are curious enough and lazy :D then you must be thinking of 'adding 100 files/folder will fuck our hand and mind!'. Actually we can add all files or files with same extension or file starting or ending with same substring and so on!

  • Add all files in the current dir : git add . (a dot can save your life :3)
  • Commit changes : git commit -m "short but meaningful commit message" -m "description can be added but its optional"

According to my previous statement, we need to push the commit but there is a small thing we need to do as we want to connect our local repo with e github server repository we have created at first. So we need to make a link/connection for the first time. Before that we will change/move/rename the branch name. If your are in a terminal you may be notice that the default branch is master now.


In the screenshot you can see some colorful text.Forgot about the first text (base) its a different stuff to describe (not related to git). After (base) next things are username@pc_name>working_directory>git_branch_name accordingly.
We here my branch name is master

We will change the default branch name to main according to github's preference.

  • rename branch : git branch -M main

Let me describe what we have done here. We just have changed the branch name from master to main. We could have used git branch -m main but there is a little differences between -m and -M. Actually -m define the changing but there can be a scenario where the branch name main already exist where we had to force git to change branch name. -f or --force is used to do something forcefully. -M is actually a short form of -m -f here. We will learn a lot about branch command later.

Now we need to link our local repo with github server somehow !

  • git remote add origin

by this command we are creating a origin / we are adding a location of our remote repository where we will push our file or pull files from.

  • push code to github : git push origin main (as our branch name is main)

Working on a repository

Scenario is we have a repository and we want to contribute in that open source project.

Link of the repository : git-101

  • First of all we need to clone the repository : git clone (this will create a folder named git-101 and copy the repository)

If we wish to copy the repo into a folder as our wish, then we can just add the folder name at the end of the command like this git clone repo_url dir_name

Now we have cloned the repo and we can add changes as our wish (not exactly your wish though :3).

Lets assume we have added a file named and other files as well. Now we need to add the files or directories.

  • add all files : git add .
  • commit changes : git commit -m 'add contributor file'
  • push code : git push origin main (this is a very beginner level tutorial, actually we never push code into main directly, we will lean this things later)

Note : I will write intermediate level git commands and uses later.
Follow git-101 to get update.

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