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5 essential tools for Web Developer!

Hello Guys. Happy new year πŸŽ‰2021πŸŽ‰ As new year's eve, I want to share 5 essential tools that help me a lot as a developer. I use these tools every day. These all are free to use and you don't need to pay a single penny. So it's my personal recommendation and there has no affiliation program between them to me.

  1. is one of the tool I use every day, even every hour! Raindrop is a tool for the collection of links. You know, as a developer we collect a huge amount of links from everywhere. If we reserve this in the browser, the browser will be slow day by day. So raindrop is one of the best solution to collect your link. They have browser extension, Mobile app and desktop app and synchronous simultaneously between them.

  2. is one of the best tool to organize your track of development, project updates, learning materials, todos and many more. This web app will help you up-to-date on your track.

  3. Tabnine Autocomplete AI
    This is one of the best smart tools I use in coding and programming. This is a Code Editor extension. This tool use Artificial Intelligence to complete code. I guaranty you, if you use this tool, your 50% of work will reduce to write code and that's not at all. This tool use your data to predict your next line of code! So as more as you use this, the speed of your coding will increase and work will reduce. Strongly recommend this!

  4. f.lux
    f.lux is one of the tool for your eye health. As a developer we work in front of our laptop/desktop average 6 to 10 hours. Most of the digital screens produce blue light and that's a great risk for our eyes. It's important that you need something that shields your eye. At this point f.lux will help you something. I use this tool more than two years and I strongly recommend this!

  5. Pomotodo
    Pomotodo is a tool that use Pomodoro Technique for stay focus when you at work. This technique amazingly works really well to stay focus when you at your serious work or productivity. This app developed by the concept of this technique. Downloaded and use from today and there may have many other app for use of this technique. fell free to use others.

So that's all! I hope these tools will help you to achieve this year's productivity.

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Thank you for a great article, Mahmudul! Glad to hear Tabnine makes you much more productive

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Mahmudul Hasan • Edited

Welcome, grateful to have this tools as a developer, Love it ❀