We're hiring a freelance web designer!

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Hey all,

My company is seeking a freelancer for web design work. It's a new SaaS product with a clear focus. You will be involved in designing the website and backend control panel.

About Us:

Founded in Canada, we're an all remote team of 3. We're in the process of building some SaaS products. We love the remote culture.

About You:

You have a keen eye for colors, subtle element placements, and love to work remotely. You're able to guide the team on how the front-end built should be implemented properly. You don't take no for an answer!

How to apply:

Send me your CV (along with some past work if you've got any to share!) to mike@bun.cx


This is a freelance position, and will be paid hourly or weekly, depending on your availability and workload.


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Full-time freelancer; Former Lead Engineer / Senior Management; speaker; 14 years in development; open for consulting and freelance opportunities.


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