I WebRTC you - building a video chat in JavaScript

Michael Neu on August 20, 2019

For a recent university project, our team was tasked to deliver a video calling feature for both our iOS and web app. There are many solutions out ... [Read Full]
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Hi Michael,

Thank you for nice article. I would like to ask one question, you mentioned in the article that ICE servers are STUN/TURN servers which generates ICE candidates. I just want to know if ICE servers are not specified webrtc client object(assume both parties are in the same network), who creates ICE candidates?


I like the point you made at the top about minimum required steps - its so hard to find in the video and chat space!

Great post, thanks for sharing!


This is great! I was just looking at how to do this, but there are a lack of good up-to-date tutorials out there. Thanks!

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