To VBA and beyond - building a RESTful backend using plain Microsoft Excel macros

Michael Neu on October 07, 2017

When my coworkers and I discussed backend technologies for an upcoming project, someone jokingly mentioned Excel as people widely misused it as a t... [Read Full]
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This may not be ideal but if you call DoEvents in VBA your user interface will not be blocked. Though keeping a macro running indefinitely may be a bad idea.


I haven't seen DoEvents, yet. I just added it and now the GUI isn't blocking anymore, thus you could kill the server from the VBA window, too. Thank you!


Awesome project! have you tried it with any other libraries like maybe Angular?


I haven't tried Angular in particular yet, but since the FileSystemWebController can serve any static file, I'm pretty confident it should work for pre-built Angular projects, Elm, Vue, Ember.js or any other framework, too. I mainly choose React because I didn't want to build the proof of concept in the example folder before running webxcel and Angular seemed a bit overkill for such a small demo.

Getting the angular-cli's webpack-dev-server running with webxcel is somewhat different though, but it should work nevertheless (the worst case I could imagine is proxying both servers with nginx, but that's a non-issue as well).


Hi, I was hoping you might cover re-using the "tcp connection" as you would with a Session object in other languages e.g. Python. I was looking for a VBA way of issuing multiple xhr requests and having the efficiency of using the underlying tcp connection. Is this possible with your method? Thank you.


It's really great and it's exactly what I was looking for but: I can't get it to work.
I used the example. I started the webxel.xlsm. I opened the index.html in Firefox.
Now I can enter some ToDos but how is the connection to the server?
What am I doing wrong??

Confused: Ulrich


Hey Mike, this is so awesome. Cant believe it, a dream comes true. Virtual hugs, Jan

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