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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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My advice... use the OS you are familiar with. It took me 10 years to stop reaching for Windows when I moved over to Linux for my main environment. Changing will slow you down unnecessarily.

YES. I recommend developing on a Linux system, particularly if you're doing backend work.

My setup is in the cloud. I have a dev server that I connect to with VS Code using the Remote SSH extension. So I'm developing on a Linux, from the comfort of my chosen os, without having to manage dual boot or a virtual machine. If I get bored of working in my office, I can switch from my Desktop (Ubuntu) over to my Laptop (Windows) and connect to my dev server, and just pickup where I left off.

Downside of my setup, I do need to be connected to the internet - but that isn't an issue for me.

My ultimate goal is being able to walk up to any computer, any OS, connected to the internet and get work done. I am currently looking at Code Server which is a completely in browser version of VS Code. Unfortunately it doesn't do Remote SSH due to legal issues, so I would need to install Code Server onto the dev system - something I'm undecided about.

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Henry Boisdequin Author

Thanks for your input. I agree that trying a new OS will slow me down. I just plan to play with different Linux distributions in a VM and see which one I like. I would love to work on any computer or any OS and get work done. Maybe in the future, we will see something like that.