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Michael Solati
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Something Cool: Popup Callbacks


Imagine that you need to direct a user to a different web page/domain and would like to know when they've completed whatever it is that you needed them to do.


I'm currently working on a Wordpress plugin which requires OAuth so that I can allow them to do, well, stuff! (I don't think I can disclose that right now...) While I could account for one or two redirect URIs, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to handle that for EVERY DOMAIN THAT MY WORDPRESS PLUG IN IS RUNNING ON!!!!


What I opted to do in the plugin is to open a page that I host when a user clicks on the OAuth button.

const newWindow ='', 'oauth', 'height=720,width=480');
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As soon as I create the new window I'm able to extend the current window object by adding a function:

window.popUpCallback = (code) => {
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Now on my pop up that will handle the authorization, after it gets the authorization code it can call the function I added to the window:

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What happened here is that my popup window will call the popUpCallback function that I added to the window that opened this current (new) window.

Looking back at my popUpCallback function you see that I close the newWindow (the popup) and then console.log the code I got back. However you can do anything you want now. What you've done is passed a value between windows!

For me this was perfect because now I only need to have one redirect URI no matter where this plugin is run, but maybe this will be useful for you for some other reason.


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diek profile image

Yeah! This tip rocks, i did it a little time ago to communicate an Angular app opened by an old custom CRM.