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re: Never been to Samariá Gorge, but I LOVED Kriti. Couple yrs ago, We rented a car and drove the length of the island. We flew into Herculeam(sp?) and...

Awesome! 😀

That sounds really similar to the way we did things, but I would've loved to have had a car!

We flew into Herculeam too (I think that's the one at least - Heraklion - though pretty sure it's got multiple spellings!) and eventually made it to Chania for our flight out to the mainland. But you went to different places for sure!

If I make it back there - and I definitely intend too - I'll have to check out Kritsa. That definitely sounds like a place we'd like to see. 👍

Didn't you love the little harbor with cafes and restaurants. We walked all over that town, loved it.

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