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7 Must-read Selenium Tutorials

By reading this article, you clearly want to know more about Selenium. You might even be using Selenium. The open source Selenium project supports popular development languages. Selenium tests a large percentage of web and mobile applications developed globally.

If you are new to Selenium, stuck on specific ways to leverage the drivers, or on the hunt for tools to run your perfect scripts, it can be a challenge. Here are top 7 tutorials to make your life a little easier.

Getting Started
First, create your scripts (Test Cases). Record test cases via Selenium IDE, or write your scripts directly in the language of your choice, using the appropriate Selenium reference, and your favorite browsers driver. Here are two posts to get you introduced to the platform:

1) Writing your First Test Case In Selenium WebDriver (via Software Testing Mentor)

2) Creating your First Script in Selenium IDE (via Udemy)

Digging Deeper
Once you have your basic Selenium script, you need to do a test run. You might need to investigate more complex scripting, such as getting access to authentication only pages. Check out these three tutorials:

3) Using Selenium to Test User Login (via StackOverflow)

4) Using Selenium to test page performance (via Dean Hume)

5) Selenium Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Selenium in 7 Days (Guru99)

Getting Results
Once you have done your test runs, and have your perfect scripts, you need a great tool to run them.

Thatโ€™s where Applitools comes in. Selenium gives you the functional test to ensure that your application behaves correctly in your selected combination of hardware, screen size, browser, and operating system. Validating visual behavior across each combination hits the limits of snapshot tools, but not Applitools. With Applitools, you find visual only errors that a user would find visually distinct and flag as an error โ€“ overcoming the false fails that plague standard snapshot tools.

If you are interested in using Selenium and Applitools together, we have plenty of resources available to make you successful. Take a look at these two:

6) Applitools Selenium Javascript Tutorial

7) Applitools Selenium IDE Tutorial

Selenium lets you ensure that your app behaves correctly. However, Applitools lets you both see that the Selenium script behaves as expected both functionally and visually. Applitols makes it much easier to scale your testing across all the browsers, devices, and screen sizes your customers run.

Have a Favorite Selenium Tutorial?
If you have a favorite tutorial on how to use Selenium let us know. We like to learn from Dave Haeffner. Check out this webinar about Selenium tips and tricks. Read this blog post on the resurgence of Selenium IDE.

To Learn and Find Out More
Take the course Codeless Test Automation with Selenium IDE from Test Automation University.

Take the course Intro to Selenium WebDriver with .NET Core from Test Automation University.

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