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Personal Site - DO Hackaton Submission

What I built

I built a personal site for myself containing my bio, funny animation and simple voice control.

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Personal Site/Portfolio

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Screenshot of my site
Screenshot of my site


The personal site is one simple page containing all information about me, my works and my skills. The page has two language mutations - English and Czech and two color schemes. Besides that, I built a simple Voice Control for this page, because I developed RSI in both my wrists and elbows recently and I wanted to show others how it feels to control a computer using your voice. Also, a simple voice-controlled game is included.
Btw something is hidden in the console.

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Not long ago, I developed Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in both of my elbows and wrists. As a consequence, I can't use a keyboard or mouse for more than 30 minutes without a long break. Fortunately, there are other ways to control computers e.g. voice control. I've started learning to program again, but with a microphone instead of a mouse and keyboard.

For a start, I picked a completely new simple project, this personal site, to gain confidence in programming using the voice control tool called Talon voice.

How I built it

I used for this project these technologies:

I learned a lot about Talon voice, the voice control tool specialized in programming. Also, I used an animation library Framer Motion for the first time.

I was quite surprised how easy was deploying to DigitalOcean’s App Platform.

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ondratuma profile image

Cool portfolio.
Wish you good luck in the hackaton, and even more with your health.

Are you planning on sharing your experience with with using voice input for programming? If you were ever to share it, I would be really interested.