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GDPR 2021

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A few fun facts:

The UK left the EU on January 1, 2021.

We have a new UK-GDPR, the amended Data Protection Act 2018

GDPR UK update 2021
Since the UK has left the EU, the question of personal data transfers is top of the list for many websites, companies and privacy organizations.

In the agreement signed by the UK and EU in end of December 2020, a provision allows for the continued, unrestricted flow of data between the two blocs for an interim period of six months (until June 2021).

The UK already has in place a new domestic data privacy law called UK-GDPR that is exactly the same as the EU version and is supported by the older Data Protection Act of 2018.

Compliance with the UK-GDPR and EU’s GDPR remains an obligation for any website, company or organization who process personal data form either inside the UK or EU: the explicit consent of users must be obtained before any processing or transfer is allowed to take place.

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