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A flexible and durable strategy for archiving open source projects.

A couple of hours only left to save your code to future generation!

By the time this article is published, less than 2 hours are left for the first snapshot.
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Today, February 2nd 2020 at midnight GitHub will capture a snapshot of the existing state of all active public repositories of its platform in order to preserve them in the Arctic Code Vault in Svalbard, Norway.

What's the GitHub Arctic Code Vault?

Just like Svalbard Global Seed Vault, where a wide variety of plant seeds from all over the world are stored and preserved in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago (1300 Km from North Pole), GitHub initiated a similar project in order to store and preserve open source projects in its Arctic Code Vault for future generations to the next 1000 years!

The open source projects will be stored on silver halide film reel with data encoded on 8.8 million pixels/frame with a 1000 years lifespan durability!

GitHub Arctic Code Vault

How do you get your project stored in the arctic archive?

Every public open source project on GitHub that is active will be archived, if you're pushing commits to your projects between the date of announcement at the GitHub Universe [November 13th, 2019 and today, February 2nd, 2020] and if your repo has got between 1 to 250 stars, it will be included in the 02/02/2020 snapshot and stored in the archive of the Arctic Code Vault!

Make sure your repos are stared and push one last commit to ensure it gets archived!

Check out my little pokédex project on GitHub and give it a star or contribute to it, I appreciate it!

GitHub logo IndigoWizard / Pokedex

A Pokédex as a long term project for my web dev training !

Pokédex Project

(Feel free to Star the project, fork it and or contribute to it)

This is my web dev project as a long term running project while i'm learning web dev from 0 to hero! Check the project's web page here: Pokédex


This project uses NES-style CSS Framework. NES.css is a NES-style (8bit-like) CSS Framework created by B.C.Rikko. you can the project's page here NES.css - GH-Page OR check the project's github repo directly here NES.css - GitHub repo

(ps: my first article to

For more information, you can visit the links bellow:

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