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Titanium News #10

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It has been a while since Ti 11.0.0.GA was released and in this Titanium News I'll show some recent updates that have been merged into the SDK or are waiting for testing.

Also some news about Android 13 and iOS 16 support.

Titanium SDK

viewShadowColor parity

shadow color

You can now just use v1.viewShadowColor = "yellow"; on Android to apply a color to the elevation shadow. Before you had to set an entry in your theme. Makes it easier to set it! A full example is available here.

updated support libraries
Some internal Android libraries are raised to a higher version: Material Lib 1.6.1, AppCompat 1.4.2, Media 1.6.0, Play-Services-location 19.0.1 to name a few. Check the PR for other infos.

Parity for Ti.UI.ListViewScrollPosition
On iOS you could use position:top in ListView.scrollToItem(). Now Android has the same feature. Full example.

Scroll state restoration
In this PR a fix was added to the Android Listview that will keep the current position when you attach more items.

New events when moving items in a Listview
movestart and moveend events will fire now when you edit a Listview. Full example

headingTime for compass updates
You can set headingTime on Android now to get smoother compass updates. The current default is 250ms. Keep in mind that you can't go lower than 200ms or you have to add the HIGH_SAMPLING_RATE_SENSORS permission. Infos by Google and the PR with an example

continuousUpdate for ListViews
continuousUpdate for ListViews was merged into the SDK master (PR + example). If you enable it scrolling will fire every time a new item/section is at the top not only when you change the direction.

iOS 16 updates
Two fixes for iOS 16 were merged in fix tabgroup layout on iOS 16+ and fix navigation items in tab group layout

Android 13
If you have an Android 13 device already and want to do some testing: Titanium SDK that targets Android 13 and a FCM module that will show the new push permission request. Testing helps us to check for bugs and release those changes quicker! Side node: push still works on Android 13 devices with Titanium 11.0.0.GA!


There are multiple pull request waiting in line. A full list is available at
Many updates to docs, module library updates, bug fixes. So there is still a lot to look forward in Titanium πŸ˜„ You can help by testing those PRs or even by contributing to the SDK or modules yourself!


I've extended my from zero to app tutorials:

That's it

If you have feedback or some interesting Titanium apps, modules or widgets you would like to share: get in contact with me or leave a comment and I'll add it to the next Titanium news.

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