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Titanium News #2

Another Titanium News article with some fresh modules and look at a few new things that will come with SDK 10.


The next SDK version 10.0.0 is still in the making and they are fixing the latest bugs and add more features like
'Ti.UI.SearchBar to use native SearchView'
that will use the Material look and adds autocapitalization, autocorrect, iconified, iconifiedByDefault.

If you want to see all 206 closed issues you can have a look at


With Titanium-rounded-tab-group you can create a rounded TabGroup by just adding the module! Well done @hansemannn 👍

And if you are already browsing his repositories: have a look at the Play billing demo if you want to use Google Play Billing in your app.

Are you using Ti.oAuth2 by @adamtarmstrong? Be sure to checkout the PR by caspahouzer:
It adds a modal window on iOS and logout functionality.

@mbender74 was busy too and released two new modules:

One think for a future post:

Other projects

File icons for Atom

For all the Atom users: check out the file-icons package. I've added colors to the TSS files so your file tree looks nicer 😉


A interesting approach for preview images: BlurHash. You create a small hash string out of your images like LEHV6nWB2yk8pyoJadR*.7kCMdnj and when you load it with BlurHash it will create a blured preview. So instead of loading a big remote image right away or having empty grey boxes you can show a colorful preview image and replace it with your image once it is loaded.
There is no Titanium module yet but looking at the code bitmap = BlurHashDecoder.decode(etInput.text.toString(), 20, 12) for Android looks like an easy job for Hyperloop 😉 If you create it feel free to post the code in the comments.

That's it again! If you have some nice app or module you want to share leave a comment!


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