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Titanium News #3

Another short Titanium news post!
This time we are looking at the big 10.0 release, the "last" official major release by Axway. But the PR stack is still full with nice features for 10.1+ and it is still some time before the community can merge things ๐Ÿ˜‰

Titanium 10 RC

The first release candidate of Titanium 10 is available! Make sure to head over to and give it a test run so the last bugs can be squashed.

Btw: Titanium 10.1.0 finally has a build-in scalingMode! For more infos and examples you can look at the PR. No need for av.imageview if you just used it for fill-modes! Still useful for caching and more of course!

TiDev Inc.

An announcement was made inside the Slack #tidev channel that TiDev Inc. has been chosen by Axway to officially "receive" ownership of Titanium SDK and other related tools on March 1st 2022.
Of course it is still an open source project and the SDK, tools and modules are already available at github. You can create your custom SDK now and in the future but the main SDK will be driven by non profit TiDev Inc., formed by long term Titanium users/developers.

Apple M1

If you thinking about buying a new Mac you can continue to work on your Titanium project! Some people in the community already upgraded their machines and have Titanium up and running and build apps without issues.

Open Source tooling

Many people use Atom or VSCode to create their apps already. Up till now you have to use the appc CLI to compile your apps. The Atom package has been updated to use the open source ti CLI already and VSCode will follow soon, a PR is already available (

To transfer your app from appc to ti you can follow these steps:


Appleโ€™s App Tracking Transparency Request for iOS 14.5+ by @hansemannn:

An etracker (the Google Analytics alternative 'Made in Germany') module for Android by me:

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