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Miguel Rodriguez

Great idea, thanks! Definitley will take advantage of this.

Here's my resume I just updated it, so it may be lacking of some things.
Warning: since I'm not a native english speaker I may have spelling errors. Any kind of feedback is welcome :D

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Hi Miguel,

really love your intro and your goals, you have a strong CV.

A few notes:

  • "on it’s technical implementation" -> "on its technical implementation"
  • you don't need to repeat the name of the app/project in all sub lists. Instead of "Android developer of Bop" you can just say "Android developer"
  • "de bridge" -> "the bridge", "delivering advances" -> "develering advancements"

I'm not sure about listing udemy's or udacity's courses in your CV, you've already established you're self taught, unless you have a certificate or something there's no need to list the courses.

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Miguel Rodriguez

I was aware of one of those spelling errors, they're quite embarrasing... Thanks for pointing them out!
I'll reconsider about mentioning the online courses, maybe they don't really give more value to my resume.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read it and provide feedback, I really appreciate it!