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Mihai Dumitru
Mihai Dumitru

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New to web development, which tech should I learn?


This is my first post on this community, until now I was crawling this site and I would like to thank all of you since I am saw lots of inspiring stories.

I've decided to learn web development, personally I am coming with .Net experience (MVC, Blazor, Wpf), I know Javascript, HTML and CSS basics but I still cannot decide if I should go for React or Angular.

I am planning to use one of them in combination with TypeScript, since it almost seems like C#. Should I fist learn more about TypeScript or this can be learned along the way?

Which one would you recommend, React or Angular?

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Paul (hxii) Glushak

Learn HTML and CSS really well (grids, flex, media queries, responsive design etc) first. Vanilla JS on a good level will not hurt either.

Then pick up a framework. Then pick up the other framework.

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Mihai Dumitru

If you can estimate, how long it will take me to finish this path?

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Kirill • Edited

Mihai, according to that's goes to 600+ hours. That's like minimal going according to this site with free cert (responsive Web Design + pure Js). Thats 300+ hours more for React\Redux Js Frameworks next.

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Anzhari Purnomo

I think it would help to add timeline to the equation.

For example, do you have any plan to change jobs to focus on web development?
For example, if that so you need to try the easiest one and the one most familiar to you. .Net I believe have a good tooling and framework for web development.

Also, you can look around the job portal and see which one between Angular and React is more popular.

I hope that helps!

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Do yourself a favor and choose React, I don't need to think long or hard about that.

React has become so dominant in the market place, I think Angular is quickly losing any relevance ... and besides I'm convinced that, compared to Angular, React with its focus on composition and immutability teaches you better habits & techniques and makes you a better Javascript developer.

Simple choice in my opinion, it's a no-brainer really.

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Josh Ellis

I would start with React simply because there is a lot more material out there about it.

As for learning TS, you can definitely do it while learning React if you come from a typed language background. I wouldn’t recommend it for a total beginner. But you have experience, and using types would make it easier to learn React because you’re forced to think deeper about what you’re doing.

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Muhammad Uzair

As a one who is active in community (not developer myself just learning) React is buzz, and highly on demand.