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Get top articles from with 馃帺 Alfred

I use Alfred with many workflows every day, is a very good tool for boost your productivity if you make the initial effort to be used to the change.

Another thing that I like to do is to read the top articles on but I didn't found any Alfred workflow for, so this was a great opportunity to build something useful (at last for me) and as part of my #100DaysOfCode challenge I decided to create a workflow for

There is an Open API to get some information from, so using a simple query you can get the top 10 articles for the day:

curl | jq
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My first thought was to use a bash script to get the articles and parse everything with jq but since jq doesn't come pre-installed on MacOS, so searching on the web about the best way to create an Alfred Workflow, wasn't hard to find an excellent library called alfred-workflow, created an maintained by Dean Jackson (@deanishe), so cheers to him because he made the harder part.

This library was written on Python so the answer to the question How we can make a high quality Alfred workflow? is with Python and alfred-workflow. Also the documentation is very good so is easy to start.

Please review the code here

Or if you prefer, you 馃摝 download the workflow here

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