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Creating an Amazing Android Mockup without Adobe Photoshop, etc.

You can create an amazing Android mockup even if you don’t have knowledge about Adobe Photoshop and the other software tools.

If you want to show your digital product designs to your business customers and partners, you need to have a medium that can effectively work. A mockup is one of the effective channels that you can use to showcase what you have digitally. And because of the popularity of Android smartphones, you can utilize the so-called “Android mockup” in presenting your business details to the stakeholders and other business partners. The idea is to present the idea in a convincing way. That is why if you’re going to use one of the Google Pixel mockups, the money and time you invested will become worth it.

Why You Need an Android Mockup?

According to UX Planet, one of the Android mockup creators at present, you need to produce Android mockups because they can be used in showcasing your product designs and other business assets. Aside from business presentation, you can also use a mockup in demonstrating your products or services to others. You can have feedback and comments directly from the audience through this model.

Is It Difficult to Create a Mockup?

Not really. Unlike before, creating a mockup now does require only a few simple steps. The designer-created mockup products can easily be produced through the use of a browser and a computer mouse. You don’t need to have an advanced knowledge in Photoshop because anybody can definitely do the procedures. Creating a mockup does save time and money.

Why save time? Of course, it does not take a longer period of time to have one product created.

Why cost-effective? There are free mockups available on the web today. All you have to do is to find a legitimate source and from there, you can download the template file and you can easily create an Android mockup.

On the web, there are available DIY tutorials. This article will also try to give you several general steps. Again, even without a Photoshop, you can create a mockup by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download a file from the Internet. There can be free and subject-to-payment template files.

Step 2: Upload the downloaded mockup file to a certain tool. As well, upload your desired image design. It can sometimes take time to upload the file.

Step 3: After the uploading, you can crop and edit your design. You can even customize the image design that you want to use in your planned mockup product.

Step 4: Let the tool do the rest of the things for you. The process is easy, just download and upload, and your mockup product will be created.

Step 5: Adjust some of the aspects that you want to change. If you want to alter the image position or the color of the design, you can freely do it through a tool provided by the legit source.

Step 6: If you want further editing, you can simply do it by clicking an Edit/Crop button. Of course, it is not always possible that you can appreciate the first-phase output after the first editing/cropping. Sometimes, you have to re-edit the output in order to make it suitable with your desire.

Step 7: After which, you can have the final work. You can then download the resulting Android mockup.

Creating a mockup product is never easy, to say the least. But it’s also not that hard. Today, as technological breakthrough has made our lives easy and cool, doing difficult things, like mockups, which were only hard to be created in the past, is somehow easy. But not that too easy. It still requires passion and enthusiasm. Otherwise, you can’t produce a certain mockup.

Top Tools to Create World-Class Android Mockups

Did you know that creating a mockup requires a working and relevant UI design? Yes, it is true. That is why the mockup creators on this planet must consider having UI design tools. Hiring a UX designer for different business entities is also a helpful way.

There are components of a UX design that the creators of mockup templates have to consider. But if you’re a skilled designer, having one amazing mockup product is never that tiring and discouraging.

You have to understand that there is a number of effective tools which you can utilize to produce a world-class and converting mockup. By using any of those tools, the UX design related difficulties can be addressed. With just a few clicks, producing a mockup in Sketch formats is cool.

Having a Good User Interface Is Helpful

Every one of us has an individual taste. In other words, taste is a subjective matter. To some extent, every individual has a distinctive interpretation of what is nice and what is unpleasant.

If your project is an app that has to be presented using a smartphone mockup, you should start the idea of presenting such a project by understanding the usefulness of UX/UI components. A perfect UI design has to be variegated or monochromatic. Furthermore, there is a need to have a simple yet stylish UI-based mockup product. Therefore, UX and UI designs are the basic foundation of having successful mockups.

Having a good UX design is understanding the essence and purpose of the digital products. The end-goal is to provide a world-class experience to the users. That is why it is important that the Android mockups are interesting and astounding.

Choosing also the right color is a great thing to do. The design of your app project should be lively and vigorous. The color scheme plays a vital role in this regard. It just simply means that the colors should correspond to the app’s purpose and goals. A combination of two neutral colors (i.e. black and white) and another one that is accent in nature is helpful. In other words, the choice of color can have great impacts to the effectiveness of the Android mockup’s presentation.

UX should be consistent and intuitive. This is another thing that has to be given an utmost emphasis. Intuitiveness is about providing a clear human-based direction with the users. For instance, a particular application does have a number of buttons. The buttons and the entire interface should be intuitive enough. Otherwise, the use of an Android mockup product for business ideas presentation is useless.

Let the Best UI Design Tool Work for You

This is a conclusive idea, so to speak. There are a lot of mockup tools available on the web today. Choosing one is somehow tricky. But there is always an opportunity to get the best mockup tool on the web presently. You can read online reviews to get related information about the specific online tools and generators of mockups.

Always remember that there are tools and software that you can use from the very start till the end (from scratch to finish). The most famous tools in this regard are the Illustrator, Sketch, and Adobe Photoshop. But one thing is sure – even if you don’t have the knowledge on how to use those software and tools, there are steps that you can do to produce PSD mockups even without the use of any of those tools.

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