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A Career Guide for AWS Certified Solution Architect

Amazon Web Services is one of the top cloud computing platforms that provide services in all major industries on the basis of the global market industry and technology category.

Also, AWS holds 32% of the global cloud infrastructure services market. This is an evident explanation of AWS dominance in the cloud market along with the employment market.

AWS is the perfect platform to grab career opportunities for AWS certified solution architect career path.

The article will prove to be a guiding force for the aws architect career path, which consists of:

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
  2. AWS Architect Salary
  3. Certification and Training Furthermore, it is important to understand aws industry expectations and the workflow inside the aws platform.

Let us further know, what an aws architect’s roles and responsibilities look like.

Roles and Responsibilities
As an AWS certified solution architect, there are a multitude of responsibilities to be carried out on daily deliverables along with project-specific job duties.

Here is a list of responsibilities of an aws architect, you must know

  1. Architectural Evaluation includes evaluation, analysis, and design of end clients. This also assists in enhancing business solutions for the end client
  2. On-time delivery help with system solutions from application architectural team to business
  3. Customer requirement Identification is one of the significant responsibilities in AWS. It requires working with the end client organization architect for design and blueprint. This needs efficient coordination and communication skills
  4. Communicating system requirement consists of planning, designing, and implementing a complex solution configuration
  5. Project Assistance is an essential attribute in aws career as an architect. Further, it includes test plan, lab reports, and technical presentation of analyzed datasets
  6. Monitoring systems means assistance with all business processes including designing, development, and deployment of required business solutions.

But, do you know, how much do you earn for AWS architect roles and responsibilities.

AWS Architect Salary
The next segment will help you look into the lucrative career and salary graph of certified aws architects.

Let us look further into the salary and growth of an aws architect’s career path. The salary of an aws architect depend on certification, experience, and location

In the United States, the highest average base pay salary is recorded to be $1L. Once you jump up the ladder, there are many opportunities waiting for you.

An AWS solution architect earns up to $140,528 on an annual basis. Furthermore, it increases on the basis of certifications and experience. The experience ladder is divided on the basis of beginner, mid-career, experienced, and late-career.

As an AWS architect, you are never out of business and salary is always the chosen path for lucrative career options. But, how do you strategize and prepare for your AWS architect’s lucrative salary graph?

The very first step should be your certification exam. Let us dig deeper into AWS certifications and skills required to achieve expertise in AWS architect operability

Certification and Training
Do you know, what are the certifications required for an aws cloud solution architect career path?

Here is a list of aws certifications, you must know:

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate
  2. AWS Solution Architect Professional

The certification exam validates the knowledge and skills of an individual. It is important that you check the certification exam course syllabus and know the required skill sets to prepare for the certification exam and interview round, when selected.

Let us look at the certification exam course and the major topics for preparing for the job role of AWS solution architect

The major topics in AWS architect certification are listed below:

  1. Compute, network storage, and database services
  2. AWS deployment and management services
  3. Identifying technical requirement for end clients
  4. Secure and reliable application development
  5. AWS global infrastructure
  6. Basic architectural principles Furthermore, to achieve expertise and clear the certification exams, you need technical skill sets.

Technical Skills for AWS cloud solutions architect:

  1. Programming language
  2. Data Storage Fundamentals
  3. Networking
  4. Security Foundations
  5. Cloud specific patterns and technologies
  6. AWS Service Selections
  7. DevOps
  8. Container

If you wish to achieve expertise in technical skills and AWS orientation concerning industry-specific good practices, you need an online training partner.

JanBask Training is one of the pioneers to train students with AWS architect fundamentals and skills. The AWS architect online training will help you with hands-on training and industry expertise.

JanBask Training conducts a six-week online course that helps you with significant AWS learning. The AWS SysOps Training and Certification online course included major such topics.
Furthermore, it has a robust online infrastructure that enables enrolled trainee for:

  1. Live online classes
  2. Case studies
  3. Regular assignment
  4. Doubts and troubleshoot management

In the following article, azure cloud solution architect’s career path. Along with the certification exam, there are many significant factors that determine a successful career at JanBask.

AWS online training will help you to quickly practice and prepare for certifications. If you have AWS queries, we got solutions, straight away from the cloud!

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