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Stoicism and Mindfulness w/ Michael McGill

What is HTML All The Things

HTML All The Things is a web development podcast and discord community which was started by Matt and Mike, developers based in Ontario, Canada.

The podcast speaks to web development topics as well as running a small business, self-employment and time management. You can join them for both their successes and their struggles as they try to manage expanding their Web Development business without stretching themselves too thin.


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What's This One About?

In this episode Matt and Mike sit down with Michael McGill to discuss his journey through stoicism and mindfulness. The tech industry is forever changing and is always online so it can be a very stressful place to work at times. Having worked in tech for over 20 years, Michael has surely seen his fair share of "fires" and other high-stress situations which makes his comments on stoicism and mindfulness all the more real.

Guest Introduction

Michael McGill has been in the tech industry for 20 years! He’s a Computer Science graduate that transitioned to a leadership role as a CIO (chief information officer). Some refer to him as the Stoic CIO because of his unique perspective on leadership. We’ll be talking about how Michael uses Stoicism and Mindfulness in his everyday life as well as how they apply when managing a team.

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Show Notes

9:00 - Can you explain what Stoicism and Mindfulness are?

25:40 - Can you tell us a little bit about your journey and how you stumbled on Stoicism and mindfulness on your way to CIO?

32:10 - What are some ways Stoicism intersects the IT world

37:28 - Servant Leadership

48:50 - What are some indicators that someone needs to take these concepts more seriously?

53:45 - What are ways being can start practicing and learning about Stoicism and Mindfulness now?


  • A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy - William B. Irvine
  • Headspace

Key Takeaways

  • Stoicism gives you the ability to take a more objective look at critical situations
  • Servant leadership is a methodology where the leader/manager is there for you to succeed.

Thank you!

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