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Discussion on: What's something you're currently learning?

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Mike Talbot

I think our only job as devs is really to shape data and flow it. The code, the frameworks, they are tools. If you make something with a beautiful data structure and logical flow, but ugly crappy code it will still outperform the most polished version of a poor structure.

E.g. Doesn't matter how beautiful your code, if your process requires frequently inserting things in the middle of a list then you'd better not be using an array.

If you are building a "type ahead" suggestion drop down, know you will only have limited number of items before you code a loop of "startsWith" checks! Because that idea is going to eat your cpu for lunch if the list is long.

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Itachi Uchiha

Of course :) Actually, I didn't use any framework or library in my first year at the job. I used various frameworks and libraries for the last 3 years. Actually, I read the codes on GitHub as a weekend activity.

When I first read a code piece from Google, I told myself "I can do the same thing". But, I thought that this could be disrespectful against engineers who worked with those codes.

For example, every front-end developer can create own virtual dom implementation.

I only believe that we have to work hard. We have to deserve the knowledge we earned.

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thierry rene matos

I think the same about programming languages and frameworks.. they are just tools