Best Resources To Start Into Learning Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJS)

miku86 on October 07, 2019

In my JavaScript workshops I get constantly asked, which learning resources I can recommend. Because this is an important & interesting questi... [Read Full]
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Great list! However, as a beginner I found myself often captured in what's known as the tutorial swamp. Udemy courses are a nice way to get some first grasps about a certain topic, but for digging deeper into the concepts behind that and to gather real experience & expertise, I heavily recommend to use text-based resources to extract useful informations for building your own projects. I certainly can across FullStackOpen and think it's one of the very best resources for advanced web development!


Louis just want to a massive thank you for posting fullstackopen here.
Without your suggestion i would have most likely never have found such a well presented and up to date resource.
It's an absolutely fantastic I've spent last few hours totally engrossed in the content.


You're welcome, that's what DEV is all about! 😊


Hey Louis,

thanks for your opinion.
Nowadays, I go straight to the docs of the stuff I want to learn, because usually I get some insights about the problem (and the solution) the author wants to solve.

I discovered Full Stack Open the other day and I really like it, because it is up-to-date (e.g. React Testing Library). I don't like that it is text-based, because in my experience this leads to a lot of copying & pasting of finished code, without actually typing and thinking about the code.

I'll definitely take a closer look at it.


Hi! Great list! Might I add this resource I use a lot in training fresh graduates and/or Junior Developers: Nodeschool

Their resources aren't just for NodeJS users, they have a range of basic tutorials from Basic Javascript, to Git, to markdown! Best part is that the resources are free!


Hi Sir.
Thank you very much for this informative and wonderful post to grow as a web developer, such as from the grassroots. I liked your all mentioned resources to learn and master them as a web developer. I am going to refresh some of them and dig more to master them.
Once again, Thanks. Keep on posting.


Hey Miku, thanks for the JavaScript resources. Very useful.


Huge fan of Andrew Mead’s courses. Wish he’d do one for Vue!


Hey Scott,

yes, I really like his teaching style!


My 2 (3) cents:


Okay, you got me convinced... Starting with the JavaScript! Thanks =)


Hey Yoav,

I'm happy I could convince you.
You could blog about your progress,
I would read it!


Thank you Miku!

Not quite a blogger but I'll definitevely get involved in the near future. In the meantimes, I took the first 14 min course twice then discovered on Twitter this new Google app: Perhaps, you could add it to your list or just have a look at it :)

I will have a look at it, thanks!


Thank you.

I really like your site girlsugames
Keep up the good work.


Thank you, you can say it built from the scratch with PHP POD and still updating with new features and enhancements.

The most attractive thing is that the site only load in 1.74 seconds _ working on making it load a bit faster :(

Around 80% of your transfered data are images,
there is only the favicon, that is quite big and can get shrinked (e.g. by But I think the images get cached anyway.


Can't recommend this course enough for anyone starting to learn fullstack dev at 2019

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