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VSCode: Transform text to lowercase/uppercase/titlecase

VSCode has an built-in function to lowercase, uppercase and titlecase selected text.

VSCode transform

  1. Select the text to transform. Use Ctrl + L to selected the whole line
  2. Open Show all commands. Linux and Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P, Mac: ⇧⌘P
  3. Type in the command, e.g. lower, upper, title
  4. Wait for auto-complete (like in the animation)
  5. Hit Enter

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kaos profile image
Kai Oswald

Might be useful to someone reading this:
You can also bind these commands to a custom shortcut (they are not set by default).

alphakey profile image

I really appreciate this, it was useful for me, thanks

mauriciobau profile image
Maurício A. Baú

This is very good for me, thanks for sharing.

sergi0martin profile image

Very useful! Thanks

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