A simple COVID-19 dashboard I made on the weekend

Pascal Meunier on March 16, 2020

I made a simple dashboard over the weekend to monitor the Coronavirus situation. It all started last friday and I learned a lot on this journey. F... [Read Full]
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The chart doesn't fit on my screen. It renders to large.

Also, it would be nice if we could:

  • use the keyboard in the country input, I don't want to scroll. I just want to start typing.
  • compare the current country with another country or global (the world). Using a secondary axis, so that we can see how the development is doing comparing the world.
  • save the current form state in the URL, so we can use F5 to refresh and share the URL with friends

Thank you for your feedback! 👍 The URL on my todo list and should rollout very soon.


Great work Pascal! The chart by country is really nice and I'd miss it in others dashboards.

Is it possible to inform the data when hovering the line? Also would be nice to improve the chart labels, it feels a bit confusing. But thats all from me, good job! :)


Thank you! Yes, I will add the tooltips on the chart very soon. 👍


How often is it being updated? Is it automatic, periodic, etc.? I've checked the stats for Lebanon and they're outdated.

I'd like to point out the same thing as @stephan Mejjer, the graph should be resizable as per the screen size.

Other than that, really neat job mate. gg


Thank you for the feedback. 👍 The source is updated every 24h right now, they used to update it on a more regular basis but I think they are overloaded.


Not sure if it makes sense to plot the deaths and recovered on the same chart, since most (almost all the time they will be less than 1% or close to 0% of the confirmed cases)

I would put these on different charts, or at least have them toggle.
I would also add the number of new cases each day
Perhaps a toggle between linear and log scale.

Does it automatically update?

Otherwise good work so far. I am sure you learned a ton doing it


The data is fetched directly from them (the GitHub repo) to your browser.


Gotcha. They already have a mobile-friendly view and graphs/maps. I thought you were doing something on your own.


information outdated because it shows no recovery in Brazil. this country has already had 2 recoveries. the arcgis map shows 1 recovery and the bing map shows 2.


I know, the source has not updated since 20 hours now, sorry for this. I'm monitoring the update on the GitHub repo, if they don't push an update soon I will look for an alternative.


Hey man, please drop a post when you find a regular and reliable data update source


I haven't looked over it too closely but ecdc.europa.eu seems like a pretty reliable source. They also seem to upload a file every day.

I made a little github repo that uses a github action to download and parse the xls file every day and publishes it as json for easier use.


The main source is updated every 24h right now. They seem a bit overloaded with the amount of work required to crawl the data and summerize it. There is more info here if you want to follow how the crew is doing. github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19...


Not a good looking graph for New York


Yeah, I had the idea to have the amount of new cases (not just the sum) so we might be able to actually see if it there is more new cases than yesterday. 🤔


nicely done.
I suggest you adding mouse over to show number on timeline


Thank you! I will add this soon. 👍


Also check out:

How you feel about contributing


Recovered should maybe be a negative number? Otherwise it will only ever go up


That's the point. The amount of recovered is already a negative number in how the stats are compiled. Let me know is it's still confusing, you might not be the only one.


I will probably open source it, how would you contribute ? There is a lot to do right now. 🤓


I really liked your UI, here is a simple version that I built using Spring Boot covid-dashboard.herokuapp.com/

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