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Every business requires an effective business plan. A business plan can be made for any reason. It may provide direction or fascinate investors and is essential for the success and achievement of goals for your organization.
A business plan must include:

• Executive summary
• Description of the company
• Market analysis
• Structure of your business and management
• Product and service you have to offer
• Sales and marketing strategies
• Funding request
• Financial projections, and
• Appendix

Check out the following guidelines to know how to write an effective business plan.

• Conduct careful research.
• Describe the reason behind your plan.
• Make a company profile.
• Document each part of your organization.
• Make sure you have a good strategic marketing plan.
• Make your plan adaptable depending on your audience.
• Give details as to why you care for your business.

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Dmitry Pozdnyakov

Check out my business plan posted here