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What are the top 5 tips to improve WordPress website speed?

The days are turning into hours and hours have already been converted into minutes, and this is all because our life has been greatly impacted by the digital disruption.

Today’s digital realm is all about efficiency and speed. The binary presence in the form of websites is a great source to sustain the highly competitive business landscape. But, if the site is not responsive the next moment of the click, and if the user has to wait for certain features to get loaded, nothing could be more dangerous than this. This is equivalent to losing the clientele and halting the business up to an unanticipated time.
Today, we have come up with killer tips and tricks to enhance the speed of a WordPress website. Why word press? Because it is one of the most used mediums for website designing due to less complexity and enhanced features. But before diving into the crux of the discussion, let us talk about why website speed has that much important.

Why Website Speed Is A Gold Mine?

If your website is loading slower then there is little doubt that your bottom line and traffic are being directly influenced. After encountering this situation, many developers and like-minded business evangelists are trying to figure out what could be the potential ways to accelerate the website speed.

It has been reported that 40% of the website consumers leave the site if it taking more than three seconds to load. If you are running a website for sole business-oriented purposes, then you have to invest time in enhancing the speed of your site otherwise you will have to bear severe consequences in losing both money and human traffic. Websites with 1-2 seconds load time observe conversion rates three times more than the websites that have 5-10 seconds load time.

We all want our sites to be accessed by consumers, but if the site is slow, it will even be unseen by anyone on the internet. As per google’s announcement made in 2018, site speed has become one of the SEO ranking factors.

5 Functional Ways To Decrease Load Time Of WordPress Site

Remove Plugins and Themes That Are Not Used

It is always suggested to keep updating the themes and plugins, but the ones that are not used should be deleted. This is the first step that will help decrease the load time of your website. Not only the site speed is enhanced by removing the unused plugins and themes, but it also saves from security vulnerabilities and improves the overall site performance.
In order to delete the unused plugin, you will first have to deactivate it.

After doing this, you go to your inactive plugins list and removes the ones that you don’t want to use any time sooner or later.
And for deleting the unused themes, navigate yourself to the Appearance option than to Themes, and simply remove the ones that are no longer in use.

Declutter The Media Library

You will have a bunch of images that you will be not using for some time. And in order to enhance the speed up of your website, you will have to free up your media library space.
If you want to remove unused media by yourself, you may use the plugin called Media Cleaner to flash out the unaccustomed media. Or if you want to manually do it, follow the following steps.
Go to Add Media than to Media Library.
Traverse to Unattached and remove the files that are no longer in use.

Reduction In Redirects

Although redirects are useful, unnecessary ones often slow down the website. Such as 301 redirects and redirect chains. It is a genius takeaway to turn down the extra information requests undertaken by your server.

Delete Render-Blocking CSS and Javascript

This recommendation is often given to those who have been utilizing page test tools for testing the website’s speed. But this suggestion comes difficult to comprehend.

If you take a look at your website page waterfall view with the help of or Pingdom tools, you will probably encounter several Javascript files (.js files) loading prior to your “start render” line. This is called “Render-blocking javascript”.

The core functionality of Javascript is to carry out actions on a webpage such as popup or rotating images in your slider. However, in reality, these actions are not needed to be loaded unless the sites have fully loaded the styles and content. So with the help of “Defer Javascript Parsing”, you are trying to say that “ do load this material later in your page rather at the top”.
There exists several plugins that may help you deferring javascript, in which one name is far more notorious named as “WP Critical CSS”.

Optimization of Images

We all know images play a vital role to keep the audience hooked. While you have tons of beautiful images on your website, optimization of the imagery is necessary to decrease the load time of the site.

You will find several ways to optimize your images. Some of the ways are encapsulated in the list below:
Compression of images
Addition of alt texts and titles
Creation of an image sitemap

The Final Say

The overall performance of the website also depends on the site loading speed so it is mandatory to keep removing the stuff that roadblocks the site’s speed. We are always bringing out the technology-related trends, streaks, and breaks to help the readers remain abreast with what is going on in the domain of the digital realm. We are adept at assignment help and tools and resources for managing the loopholes with our extensive research skills.
If you don’t want to halt your business operations, you have to first keep into account the site’s speed. According to Google, if your load time is three seconds or less the bounce rate escalates to 32% however the same bounce rate increases to 90% if the load time is greater than 5 seconds.

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