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Salt - 🚀 Task managment++

For so long, I've been using github issues to keep track of things I need to do. It gets annoying, relying on a server to respond, and waiting a while. Say less my friends, I have a solution!

salt - A better way to keep track of tasks. No server, everything is local and can be organized very easily. No more "oh hey that's where it was", more "oh god I have to write code!"

Jokes aside, salt is an attempt to redefine task management. With a VSCode extension in development, for the ultime experience, and tasks synced with other platforms (wip) you can basically throw away anything else.


Nodes (not nodejs 🚀)
Task status


A node is the parent of some tasks, think of it like a tree, where the tree is the node, and the apples are the tasks, all under one big node.


Something you have to do...

Task status

Either checked, or not checked, this allows you to keep track of tasks you have to do!


Why not? A task management system for the CLI is the one thing I've needed for so long, and I spoke to a few friends and they loved the concept and using it as well.


Rust. The CLI is pure Rust.


# macos
brew tap eternalmoon1234/brew
brew install salt
# windows
scoop bucket add sushi
scoop install sushi/salt
# other
curl -fsSL | bash
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Thanks for reading! Suggestions can go in the comments 😉

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