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Discussion on: Stay with R-cran or *switch* to Python

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Both are quite good. And I think what you learn in one, you can kind of take to the other. I've taken what I've learnt from Tidyverse and applied them to pandas (Python).
I don't think you need to "ditch" R, but it is worth picking up Python as well, I think. If you end up building a serverless ML backend on the cloud, you aren't likely going to use R for that. But if your statsmodels (Python) is behaving funky and can't converge, you can double check with R maybe.

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Matt Curcio Author

Hey Min,
Awesome thanks!
Would you say it is generally true that R does not really have the libraries which run serverless? This is where I feel I am left behind in this area. Do you know of any tutorials that you like/recommend that go over serverless cloud work?
BTW, how is the job market in Australia? I went to Brisbane and Adelaide some time ago for work and really loved it. Is it difficult to find work as a foreigner? ;)