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Top 5 Editors For React Native Mobile App Development

In this digital era, the mobile application is essential for businesses to assist the maximum audience. If you want a mobile app for your business, then you will undoubtedly make your choice between Android and/or iOS. Right? Maybe you can choose a hybrid app or a native application for Android and/or iOS devices.

If you want to target or make your reach to a wider audience, you will surely look for both platforms- Android and iOS. Is it better to create a separate app for each one of them? Or a react native app that will cover both operating systems at once?

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To come out from this multiple-choice problem, choose to React Native which is considered as the best IDE for building React Native apps. With this framework, you can get an app for both platforms with a single codebase and can save huge money and time on separate mobile app development.

Over the years, Cross-platform app development is becoming popular among developers or startups due to its flexibility and performance. It quickly came into existence after Facebook open-sourced it in 2015. Thus, this JavaScript framework has been identified as the most preferred cross-platform solution for the development of both iOS and Android apps respectively.

Using React Native Technology, mobile app developers have become able to work on two different Operating Systems using a single platform. They can easily build high quality, Native, and powerful mobile applications for iOS and Android using the JavaScript programming language.

The way we create Android applications using Java or Kotlin and iOS applications using Objective or Swift, in the same way, we use editors to create React Native applications. These editors are very useful to quickly build React Native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices that can never be distinguished from a native app.

Here we will discuss the top editors for React Native mobile app development that you can use to build immaculate mobile apps.

1. Atom

Modern, approachable, yet reliable editor, Atom is one of the best React Native editors for app development that has been made for the 21st century. Hence, mobile app developers from all major technologies prefer Atom to build react native mobile applications. Moreover, this editor has a huge active community to support developers.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux.


• Cross-platform editing
• Built-in package manager
• Smart auto-completion
• File system browser
• Multiple panes
• Find and replace

  1. Visual Studio Code

Microsoft developed the Visual Studio Code to streamline the mobile app development process. It is a source code editor that is free and easy to use for react native app development. This open-source technology includes support for debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, and code refactoring.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux


• Git commands built-in
• Extensible and customizable
• Code debugging right from the editor

3. Nuclide

The nuclide is a free and open-source React Native development tool (IDE) that helps React Native developers in building innovative apps quickly. This is the most preferred IDE by developers to build secure, feature-rich, and interactive mobile apps. It has React Native Developer tools to make development quite fast and secure. And, it also has the support of a community that is always willing to guide you.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux


• Worked in Debugging
• Remote Development
• Creating Hack
• Inconsistent Support

4. Ignite

The Ignite is a free and open-source IDE that has been created by Infinite Red to make app development easier and enjoyable. Ignite is a full-fledged extensible interface with support for plugins, sections of code, and other boilerplates. It is a best IDE for react native app development and has an amazing community of other Ignite / React Native developers when you need help.

Platform: macOS, Windows, and Linux


• Copy over your App files
• Customize the boilerplate script
• Customize your generators
• Test everything

5. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an advanced and sophisticated cross-platform source code editor with a Python application programming interface (API) that is used for code, markup, and exposition. It natively supports many programming languages and makes React Native app development faster and easier. It is one of the best React Native App Development Tools which has has functions and libraries that can be added by users with plugins.

Platform: macOS, Windows, and Linux


• Auto-Completion in Sublime Text
• You can quickly insert Text & Code with Sublime Text
• Jump the Cursor to Where You Want To Go
• Select Multiple Lines, Words, & Columns


Well, we all know about React Native App. Various top companies or startups rely on this technology. If you are planning to build your own mobile applications for iOS and Android at minimal cost, then we will recommend you to go with React Native App Development. You can consider the discussed above Code Editor For React Native Mobile App Development. If you don’t have technical knowledge then you could hire react native app developer India or hire best react native app development company to accomplish your project.

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