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Types of Web Application that can be Built with Laravel

Web Applications are in huge demand in today’s world. They are being used in every single industry to help with different tasks & goals. Organizations of different verticals of varying services and scales are either developing themselves or paying other organizations to develop web application for their needs and requirements.

Now, it is a known fact that each organization is different & unique in its way and their needs and requirements would be different too. Henceforth each app will be created with an expectation and desire of result which will be unique to it.

Laravel web application services are one of the leading web app development services because of their easy-to-use, progressive, scalable, and developer-friendly environment.

Before we dig deeper into developments of different types of Laravel applications & Laravel websites, it’s important to brush up on some basics.

What is the Laravel Web Application Framework?
Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework for app & web development. It was developed in June 2011 by Taylor Otwell. Taylor developed this service for easy creation & building of web applications while following the MVC architecture and was built over the components of Symfony. Laravel has the codes in a simple, understandable, and organized way which makes web development with Laravel extremely easy.

Since its first beta launch on 9th June 2011, Laravel has developed with leaps and bounds and kept evolving with time to keep up with the ever-changing market trends. The current stable version of Laravel is named Laravel 8 which was launched on 8th September 2020 and is the 20th version of Laravel.

Laravel offers an array of features such as a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, various ways for accessing relational databases, utilities that assist in the deployment and maintenance of applications, and its orientation toward syntactic sugar. Its source code is hosted on GitHub and is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

Why choose Laravel Web Application Framework?
Laravel is the first choice for web application development because of the various advantages & features it offers. It provides an enhanced and astounding developer experience with authorization, a speedy & secure platform, expressive, elegant syntax, robust features, and high security.

There are many more reasons to choose the Laravel web application development framework and that is why developers prefer web development with Laravel and there are scores of Laravel web development companies.

Progressive – Laravel likes to call itself a “progressive” framework and it makes up for that claim. It has a dynamic relationship with its user which develops with the time and expertise of the user. It nurtures the new users and shows them the way around with the help of its huge repository of documentation, guides, and video tutorials. As for a senior developer with extensive knowledge & experience, it offers robust tools suited for an expert for dependency injection, unit testing, queues, real-time events, etc. With the Laravel framework, an expert developer can easily develop robust professional web applications that will be ready to handle enterprise workloads.

Scalable – Laravel has astonishing flexibility with scalability. The scaling-friendly nature of PHP and built-in support of Laravel makes for fast, distributed cache systems. The robust nature of the Laravel web application makes it possible to easily scale to a huge number of requests. Laravel also has a platform named Laravel Vapor that allows the running of Laravel applications on AWS’s latest serverless technology at a nearly limitless scale.

Communitive – Laravel framework not only combines the best packages in the PHP ecosystem to offer the most robust and developer-friendly framework available. It also has thousands of talented developers from around the world contributing to the framework. In addition, Laravel framework also has an open-source API management system that helps in developing state-of-the-art APIs and it supports more languages for web development that helps in the creation of complex websites.

Now that we have made the basics clear and established why one should choose Laravel development for website and application. Let’s get to the main topic of why we are here:

types of laravel web application
Types of Web Application that can be Built with Laravel Web Application Framework
E-learning websites & Educational Blogging Platform
Laravel development is well suited for educational and e-learning websites & blogging applications. It provides scalability and allows the management of a constantly growing database. Laravel framework also allows the creators to deploy functionalities such as sharing content across different platforms, website registration, newsletter subscription, etc. It also offers access to tools for databases to make content management on the website simple and amusing.

Examples to take inspiration from :

MyRank – an e-learning website built on Laravel framework.
Canvas – a content publishing platform built on Laravel framework.
E-commerce platforms & Online Stores
For e-commerce & Online businesses, the Laravel framework allows its users to create their solution from scratch along with accessibility to use pre-made proven solutions for their needs. The PHP framework helps to hit a positive impression on the consumers with personalized applications when communicating with the business. Laravel applications & Laravel websites can also provide additional solutions for online business such as payment integration, marketing automation tools, and a secure platform for the consumers.

Examples to take inspiration from :

Tweak & Twine – an online store built on Laravel framework.
Bagisto – an e-commerce platform built on Laravel framework.
Patient Portals & Hospital Management System
Patient Portals are web application services that enable online registration, facilities for payment integration, for the hospital’s patients so one does not have to wait for long hours in queues for registration and bill payment. Laravel framework works exceptionally well in the development of such a service.

Along with the patient portals the healthcare industry uses Laravel development for hospital management too. Hospitals have to deal with a lot of data, these data are regarding the patient’s illness, conditions & treatments and therefore are sensitive and need to be managed in a protected way. Laravel framework offers a seamless user experience, low maintenance, and high security for the data and can evolve the management system in the healthcare industry.

Examples to take inspiration from :

HealthJump – an e-learning website built on Laravel framework.
University & School Management Systems
The educational institutions have a lot on their plate all the time, from admission to exams and assignments and more. Laravel development can provide infinite possibilities to handle complex tasks of the day-to-day activity of educational institutions. A professional Laravel web development company can offer robust solutions for the management of Student Registration, providing faculty details & class schedules, marking and viewing attendance, sending alerts and notifications to students and their guardians, building study material, student’s report analysis, and much more.

ERP System & Management
With the Laravel framework, one can easily create a robust ERP system & management application to manage and increase the productivity of employees and handle multiple functions of organizations.

With Laravel web application development ⎯ sky’s the limit and an organization from any vertices can deploy a professional Laravel web development company and harness the potential of a PHP framework with MVC architecture on a secure platform. It can be used to develop various types of web applications and complex websites and help an organization boost its efficiency and enhance its service and user experience, which ultimately will lead to unprecedented growth.

Mindpool Tech is an authorized Laravel web development company and has been providing top-notch Laravel web application development solutions to organizations of all vertices and helping them grow with leaps and bounds.

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