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Discussion on: PHP 8 features I wish also existed in JavaScript

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I agree 100%, however, it would drastically hinder performance as it would almost guaranteed be a runtime check in the engine. That's why I'm hoping either Babel or TypeScript will tackle it in the future to essentially be compiled away into positional arguments.

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Valeria • Edited

Not sure I follow your thought. Typescript performs type checks on compilation only and strips all the types away, so there's never a runtime check.
Update: Oh you mean for chaining arguments? There's zero to none performance loss

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We're discussing named parameters and the performance hit they would be on JavaScript's runtime.

And TypeScript does a whole lot more than type checking nowadays.

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I must chime-in with a report from experience.

Some years ago I worked on a fairly large (~700k lines) JavaScript codebase that implemented a 200-line helper that permitted the following:

function get () {
  var opts = defaults(arguments, {
    byId: null,
    theseItems: '*',
  return [opts.byId, opts.theseItems];

get();             // [null, '*']
get(2, 'cats');    // [2, 'cats']
get({ byId: 1 });  // [1, '*']
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It was used extensively, including in time-critical places such as during render operations. While there was a performance hit that could be measured with dev-tools, it was nothing compared to the usual day-to-day bottlenecks that were encountered.

The point is to say that sure, worry about performance, but perhaps rest/spread/destructuring isn't the first place you need to look these days.