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Virtual Clinic - An Integrated Care System

mishal23 profile image Mishal Shah ・2 min read

My Project

Virtual Clinic was an attempt to bring all the stakeholders of the healthcare system on one platform and make it easier for the patients to communicate and thus improve the operations. It has over 20+ features and a neat user interface.


The application was deployed on Heroku with CI/CD using Travis CI, please find the link here:

Link to Code

The entire code is open-sourced on my GitHub handle:

How I built it

The entire application is written in Python Framework - Django, with certain packages, unit tests, Travis CI for CI/CD, code coverage, documentation, followed all the Software Engineering Principles. There were many issues that I had faced building this:

  • multiple role-based access system
  • ensuring the DRY principle
  • session keys to maintain
  • coupling the entire application together with a flow
  • building a decent front-end
  • migrating database from sqlite3 to MySQL

Additional Thoughts

The application is no unique, there would be many such existing apps, but this was an application that I built on my own alone completely from scratch, and at a point, only contributing to other projects in a team felt as if I haven't done anything on own and hence I don't know a lot of things. Hence, this was a very special project for me, it gave me the required confidence in my skills and the software engineering principles, the amount of confidence I had after this project to work on any other project was just boosted up. Having made a decent front-end design, automating the deploy, a bit complex backend, documenting, following SE principles - it helped me in all prospects.

If you like my project, please do consider starring the repository or contributing to it either by code, opening issues, or adding more documentation.

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