Nevertheless, Chloe Parkes Coded

missmaximas profile image Chloe Parkes ・1 min read

I began coding because...

My Dad would always pester me to try and learn some PHP, and eventually I gave in and discovered I was actually good at it! It was so much fun to start learning how to get computers to do what I wanted, that I went on to make a career out of it.

How I got started...

I got an internship in the break between college and university, writing test scripts in PHP. I ended up re-writing their entire suite, and was promptly invited back during my next break.
They asked me to learn Java, and write more testing tools. By this point I'd earned myself a full time job which would be waiting for me after uni, because I'd proved myself and my abilities. They didn't care what gender I was.

I went from an Associate Software Engineer, to a Software Engineer, and then to a Senior Software Engineer in 3 years.

My advice for other women who code is...

If people in the workplace are making it hard for you to progress, then I'd say they don't deserve you. Everywhere I have worked has treated me like any other coder, and I don't see why that shouldn't happen everywhere.
Don't get caught up with imposter syndrome, you're just as good as everyone else. Don't doubt yourself, because that just makes yourself your own worst enemy. When someone praises you, listen to them! Your work really is worth it.


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