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re: Too bad MSFT took 20 years to figure this out. Once they killed Silverlight (because Apple wouldn't allow browser plugins), it sent a huge negative...

I'm junior, but reading the article I thought great for C# guys, I mean welcome to the web, but maybe I'm ignorant on this assuming that we basically have this with JS/TypeScript? Why move off that ecosystem that's only exploding with more opportunities to something that's catching up. With all that's going on in JS I'm just not sure there would be a problem Blazor solves that's not already solved... Am I wrong? I am just speculating on this latter point, so please share your wisdom Dev crowd. :)


We'll know the goodness of blazor once the jobs show up. Today they're not around.

But yes, I agree with you, why Blazor? We already have it all.

For me blazor for the web it's like Xamarin for mobile, I'm an old MS developer, and I can create a functional app in 2 days after starting with blazor. I don't know how much time would take to do the same if I start with angular.

Yes both React and Angular have ramp up time but the data binding concepts you know from Razor are the same.

You'll have no problem learning React and Angular. The need for React and Angular people exceeds supply which is good.

Are you serious, the JavaScript ecosystem is a bloody nightmare, it reinvents itself every 2 years. That Typescript your on about is a MSFT product. The front-end is ripe for languages like C#. Blazor has a bright future.

We'll see and prove it by job openings and salaries.

Yes Typescript is MSFT, in particular, Anders Helsberg, the C# architect. His work has always been excellent.

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