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Mitch Pomery (he/him)
Mitch Pomery (he/him)

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What are your favourite meetups?

What are your favourite meetups and what makes you enjoy them?

I enjoy Junior Dev because I get to see all the cool things people have been learning about and building. I want to get a Junior Dev meetup set up in Sydney now that I'm living there.

Perth Fenders is also great. While I'm not a professional front end developer, I love playing around with HTML, JS and CSS at home on my own projects. The amount of work they put in to making sites accessible, fast and work across browsers and devices is amazing.

And Identity And Security Meetup Sydney is one that I will always remember as it is the first meetup that I gave a presentation at, and now I want to give more.

I'm also keen to get along to the Sydney Technology Leaders meetup and the Microsoft Reactor Lunch And Learns to catch up with friends, learn and network.

Oh, and I'm not big on food/drinks at meetups. I normally grab a snack before I go and dinner on the way home.

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