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Be Brave

So, this is just me shouting out to everyone about how I gave up on google chrome and fully adopted using Brave browser(other than those old enterprise websites which are still refusing to open with chrome/brave).

We all know how in this present day and age, we are all consumers and the currency is our attention. If you spend time on a blog someone gets paid from it.
It has gone to such an extent where there are entire businesses built to track user behaviour, cookies, facebook ads, google ads, marketing campaigns, data mining tools to visualize and sell this to higher bidder.

Among all this, there are still people and communities trying to keep internet free from tracking.

Brave browser is one such example. It rewards people with BATs (Basic Attention Token) and people can then reward content creators with it.
Result- everyone happy.

If you want to join me in keeping internet browsing safe from tracking, here is my referral link to download and setup Brave browser

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