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Why Laravel is best to Build Website Application?

Nowadays, businessmen wants to run online business by a building web applications. A web application  make your business easy and simpler. You can achieve your business goals faster by using web application. You can get many targeted clients and customers at a time.  Also, you can increase your business demands with a web application.

To build a web application, many businessman prefer PHP platform. PHP is a widely used language among other programming platforms. PHP is HTML scripting language used for web application development. PHP is a web server that is designed to make your dynamic pages and applications. PHP has many frameworks which are used to build your web application. List of PHP frameworks includes Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Phalcon, Slim, Yii, fat-free, Kohana, FuelPHP, Flight, PHP-mini, Tyler, and Zikula.

Selecting a right PHP framework to build web applications  is a very difficult decision. As there are many options available to choose one framework. In  2018's market Laravel is a best open source PHP framework to build web applications. Coming towards the most preferred platform, Laravel has 42,980 stars on Github. As well as Laravel is simple to use and developers can build a very complex application with ease. Laravel is used by many industries worldwide. Let’s read why Laravel is the right choice to grow your business rapidly.

Reasons why Laravel is the best framework:

MVC Architecture Support

Laravel as an effective PHP framework for building web applications.  It supports MVC architecture support. Laravel supports MVC architecture like Symfony.  MVC supports Laravel development with high-level clarity between login and presentation. MVC  helps you to improve performance, allow better documents and built multiple functionalities. Additionally, Laravel is used for better documents and high build functionalities.


Laravel includes lots of security features. There are many security features which cN can facilitate  your web application. Laravel has its own authentication system which is used to "provider” and "guard" to facilitate authentication. Laravel protect against SQL injection. Laravel PDO parameter binding to fight against SQL injection. Using this parameter, you can secure your database. Also Laravel security protects against CSRF and XSS.

Libraries & Modular

Laravel provides result oriented libraries and pre-installed libraries. PHP's other frameworks do not provide pre-installed libraries. It is latest and popular feature of Laravel. Pre-installed libraries feature is authentication library which provides the latest features like Password reset, CSRF protection, encryption, checking active users, hashing.

Laravel package manages your large Laravel app using modules. A module of Laravel is like a package. Laravel package has viewers, controller, and models. You can re-published, re-organize and maintain a version of ping-pong using Laravel package. Laravel package used in asgardcms


Laravel has an amazing routing feature. Laravel routing  accepts URL and a closure which provides simple methods to define different routes. Routing allows redirecting route which is used for performing  a single redirect. A single route creates routes for overall controller’s actions.

Database Migration

Laravel framework has a feature for data migration. Migration is used to control your database, modify easily, and share application in a schema.  That means you do not worry about SQL syntax for a database. Using migration you can set the database connection parameters for Laravel. Laravel schema provides database agnostic support for creating a table in a Laravel database.


Artisan is custom console command which provides lots of commands to develop your web application. This command helps you to speed up in your development process. This framework handles all a headache for you and do the best for you. It means Laravel framework create and handle Laravel project environment using artisan command.

Presently,  Laravel is popular framework with these awesome features.  It will help your business application unique. If you own your business  and want to build your web application then I highly suggest you hire Laravel Development Company for your application.

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