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Arduino connection with Unity2017 and UDUINO

*This content was posted on Qiita in 2018.

I useArduino in Unity, but UNIDUINO doesn't seem to work well in 2017.
I tried using "UDINO", which is highly rated by the AssetStore.

use Unity2017 3.0p1 


Basically, if you watch the video of the explanation, you'll understand.

2018-01-27 (2).png

Open the demo scene.

2018-01-27 (3).png

Select the UDUINO object and click, Let's check out the UduinoManager.
2018-01-27 (4).png

Click on "Select path" and select the Libraries folder in your Arduino.
2018-01-27 (5).png

Click on "Add Uduino Library to Arduino".
This will add Uduino to the library of ArduinoIDE.
2018-01-27 (6).png

If there is no problem, "Setp done".
2018-01-27 (7).png

Click "FixNow" and if all is well, "SepNow".
2018-01-27 (8).png

Let's open the ArduinoIDE and write in the Uduino we jus added.

写真 2018-01-27 15 32 07.jpg

2018-01-27 (9).png

2018-01-27 (11).png

2018-01-27 (14).png

done writing.
2018-01-27 (16).png

Let's connect it to Unity.
Add a pin with number 11 and PWM mode.
2018-01-27 (18).png


When moving a servo motor, use the
You can adjust the direction of rotation by turning on No.9 and turning No.11 PWM and No.8 PWM

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