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Mohamed Khaled Yousef
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Basic Data Structures - Review

This is recap of crash courses and blogs teaches you how to implement your basic data structures. We built these from scratch using C++.

You will learn the concept, trade offs, how to build and implement: single linked list, stacks, queues and trees.

Start from here:
Single Linked List
Introduction to Trees - Part 1
Depth-first-Search (DFS) - Part 2
Breadth-First-Search (BFS) - Part 3

Next, In fact I have 3 options to continue talking about:

  • Continue with data structure like Priority Queues, Heap, Hash Tables and etc.
  • Or algorithms on Graphs.
  • Or another topic which I prefer - Multimedia algorithms, Things like Lossless compression, Lossy compression algorithms, etc.

Last thing to say, Thanks for reading and I hope it would help and don’t hesitate to send your feedback and suggestions :))

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Hello, thanks for your posts! It would be nice you go with those 3 options in the order you wrote :)