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Working with Other Project


Project Repository
The second lab of open-source development is contributing and submitting the pull requests to the classmate’s repository that we have worked on Static Site Generator (SSG) on previous application release. I have continued to work with Suhee Kim who is my partner for reviewing my SSG application on previous lab.

Filed Issue

I have created an issue #18 for supporting markdown files to generate HMTL files.


I have experienced working with JavaScript language and Node.js before and have chance to review her code in lab 1. The implantation details are:

  • Create a function that contains series of Regex
  • The Regex allows to replace markdown syntax to HTML tag
  • the markdown syntax to be converted into HTML tag is following:
    • heading 1 ~ 6
    • block quote
    • italic and bold
    • newline

Pull Request & Revision

After I submit the pull request to the issue #18 branch and ask her to review the code. However, the workflow of pull request is unfamiliar for me. My professor, David Humphrey, helped me and my partner to verify workflow of pull request in detail. As lab 2 instruction indicates that it is almost guaranteed that they will ask you to make changes. Yes, that is right. I have only implemented single markdown file input, not considered markdown file in the folder with text files. Also, there is undefined error message while my partner was reviewing and testing the code. Those are two issues to revise in order to get my partner approve to merge.

It is very similar process that I reviewed my partner’s pull request. I have found the dist folder where converted HTML files will be placed should be created in main directory, not the relatively change by folder input for converting text and markdown file to HMTL file. Another thing is my partner committed unnecessary files so that I asked her to remove those folders and files and create gitIgnore to add those folders and files. My partner found an error herself that I could not found. The error was that she supposed to write the code italic HTML tag as <i></i>, not the <b></b>.


Throughout this lab, I have learned how to create a pull request properly, how to update my pull request after got feedback from others and how to add detail review on files changed in GitHub page when I review the other’s pull request.

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