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Labs Week 2: A Review

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What a week!

This has by far been the one of the more challenging weeks I've had at Lambda School. From feeling impostor syndrome in the beginning of the week to feeling great mid week and then getting stuck today.

This week I took on getting Stripe integrated into our project. Started out reading documentation and not understanding how it all fit together. This was the first time I had to integrated a front end, back end, and third party API. Understanding how all the pieces fit together has been the biggest challenges. Mid week I started to get a hang of things and by the end of the week started to refactor the code to add in redux.

This week one of my bigger accomplishments has been getting the front end to look decent while updating based on the state of the subscription.

UI for Profile

When a user selects a subscription type the payment form appears. Upon entering their card info the back end handles registering the user with stripe if they aren't already and sending the Stripe user ID to our database. Then it takes the Stripe user id and subscribes the user to the plan and updates the user account type in our database to be reflected on the front end. I'm currently running into some promise issues while integrating redux to better handling the updating of state for the profile page.

My team has been nothing but incredible through the entire process. I've tried to be in our zoom sessions at all times to help out where I can. I think a big part of being a team player is being in the room there for when someone has an issue or wants to bounce an idea off you. I jump in on the discussions where I feel I have a valuable idea and listen to the discussions that are outside of what I know

Overall our team is fairly laid back and nobody has a strong opinion on design or technology decisions. If someone feels like taking on a task we all trust their decision and if something comes up we handle it as a team.This has made the entire process pretty frictionless. I do feel that I haven't been good personally about asking for help and rather just try and grind through something I'm not sure on. This is something I would like to work on in the final three weeks of Labs.

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