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Labs Week 3: A Review

This week was dedicated to finalizing the features of our app as well as making it responsive. My main accomplishment was getting Stripe integrated into redux so it allows for a better user experience when subscribing a plan. This involved taking the Stripe integration I had built already and refactoring it to work through redux for better state management. If I had to do it again I would have preferred our team to decide on redux earlier but in the end it wasn't too bad.


One big challenge I faced was how to make creating a user with stripe and adding the Stripe customer id do our database and then sending that same customer id back to stripe when doing the first payment in our system.

After having our UI/UX meeting mid week we came to realize our main dashboard wasn't going to handle a lot of data well. We needed a way to have everything on one page without a huge long list or using infinite scroll. We decided as a team to use pagination. Having very little experience with pagination I decided to take on the task to push myself.

After doing a little research I was able to find a nice npm package, Material UI Flat Pagination. After a quick read of the docs I was able to add it into our project with relative ease.


This week our team work really well to make big decisions quickly in order to make our user experience better. From removing modals and making them full pages to allowing each individual to make their own design decisions for the section they are working on. As each team member worked on the components they all started to come together into a cohesive app. I would say the only real challenge our team faced as a whole was after having our UI/UX meeting. It shined a light on some of our design decisions and how they wouldn't work. We were able to overcome this by meeting right after and taking the feedback and putting it into our Trello board to accomplish during the remainder of the week.

Ready to take on week 4

If you've managed to make it this far make sure to check out my labs team on Twitter!

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