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Plan first, then implement


For this week, I will be working on 3(or more) issues for 2 projects:

1) Designing the logo for the photohub project.

2) Enhancing the UI for the novel project

Issue #1

In the issue I started talking with project maintainers and listened to their preferences.

Understanding what client wants ✍

Firstly, before designing a logo, I need to understand what kind of project developers are working on. After that, I need to think of the audience (people who will visit the website).

Hence, I need to think of the colors that would match the audience. For searching the best color match I will use color pallete from Canva.

There, I can see what colors work together.

It's crucial not to fail here No matter how your logo is creative, if you find a great match, it's half work done.

Software to use 🖥️

I will use Adobe photoshop for creating a logo.

Project # 2

For second project, I will take multiple issues from the project and improve the UI. Also, I might work on the backend as well, if the contributor will allow me to do that.

For now I'm assigned for a couple of issues: Issue#1, Issue#2.

I'm waiting for project maintainer to create a guidance to run the project locally.

More improvements 🔥

There are a lot of ideas how to improve the website from the UI perspective. Since, I have some experience in web design, I might be useful.

I will file more issues, that I think could make a project look more appealing later.

Floating labels 🔥

For example, let's consider making floating labels on the input. I think you saw something like that before.

When we click on input, the placeholder moves above the input smoothly and creates great UX.

input labels

Appealing modal window 🔥

When not logged in user clicks on create a story button, he sees the regular alert:


This could also be improved. First, I would design a modal window in Figma and then create one.

I will be working on these projects for the following 2 weeks. I will make a new post regarding the progress and potential issues that could reveal 💯

Have a wonderful day and let's keep up!

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