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Architecture tests with ArchUnit, pt. 3: Advanced stuff

​​​ArchUnit has many tricks up to its sleeve. We’ve already seen how to check package structure, language elements such as classes, fields, and methods, and how to make sure your layered architecture is sound. But there’s more! Let’s take a look at some advanced conce​pts.

Slicing and dicing
As we’ve seen in the previous part of this series, ArchUnit makes it easy to test layers and their relationships. However, dividing your codebase only horizontally isn’t enough—in all but very tiny projects, you’d end up with huge layers containing too many unrelated classes. Thus we need to divide our code vertically as well, usually by user-facing features and project-specific or general-purpose libraries. Those features or libraries are often compilation units (e.g., Gradle modules), but that doesn’t need to concern us at this moment...

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