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[0.2] Python for beginners introduction-2

Lets continue with the discussion left in introduction-1.
Go through Introduction-1 so that this will be easy for you to understand.
so,lets continue

Section-3 (general functions)

1.String Concatenation
2.How to take User input in python
3.Int() function in Python
4.More about variables
5.split() method in Python
6.Exercise for you

Section-4 (string formatting)

  1. String formatting
  2. String indexing
  3. String Slicing
  4. Step Argument
  5. Exercise for you

Section-5 (String methods)

  1. String methods
  2. Find and Replace Method
  3. Center Method
  4. String are Immutable
  5. Assignment operator
  6. Exercise for you

Section-6 (conditions in Python)

  1. If Statement
  2. Pass statement
  3. If-Else statement
  4. Nested if-else
  5. And,Or Operator
  6. if-elif-else statement
  7. Exercise for you
  8. In keyword
  9. Check empty or not
  10. Exercise for you

Section-7 (Looping in Python)

  1. While loop in Python
  2. Problem solving-1
  3. Problem solving-2
  4. Problem solving-3
  5. Problem solving-4
  6. Exercise for you-1
  7. Exercise for you-2
  8. Exercise-1 Solution
  9. Exercise-2 Solution
  10. Infinite loop
  11. For loop
  12. For loop Example-1
  13. For loop Example-2
  14. For loop Example-3
  15. Break and Continue keyword
  16. DRY principle of coding
  17. Exercise for you-1
  18. Exercise for you-2
  19. Exercise for you-1 solution
  20. Exercise for you-2 solution

I will continue this in next part

-> If you have any problem regarding this series then use the comment box . I will definitely reply you

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